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My name is Mark Arcana.

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An interview with Mark Arcana

When did you first realize you had psychic abilities?

I was reading books when I was less than three years old. It seemed as if I could read and understand with the perspective of someone much older than myself. Some might say I possessed an "old soul". When I was seven years old I was extraordinarily sensitive and perceptive and I would know what people were going to do and say. I had times when I would "zone out" and I now realize that those periods were a type of mystical trance.

What was it like growing up with these abilities?

When I was very young I tried to block them out. I would go through periods of studying magic and then periods of studying the Bible. I was not sure if what I was doing was evil. Was I an evil person? In many ways I had an adult's keen sense of right and wrong at the same time I was occupying the world as a child. I began to study Christian mystics and mysticism, and divination systems such as the I Ching and Tarot. I realized through my studies that it's the intention behind your actions which creates good or evil, and I began to realize I could use my abilities for good.

Are your abilities natural talents or are they skills you've developed?

I have a natural talent for psychic work, and I developed my natural talent over many years of study so that my talents have merged with my skills.

Can any of us develop psychic abilities?

I believe anyone can develop their own psychic abilities and become aware of their natural intuition. Some are "gifted" in that they start their development at a different place. Others seem to not really be gifted at all, so they develop what they think are merely skills. . . and then they discover that, by learning skills, they've uncovered their hidden talents and they discover their spiritual side beginning to unfold.

What kind of person do you have to be to have these skills or abilities?

I've found that any kind of person can access this deep, psychic wisdom, and many times it's surprising who has the gift and who does not. We have our preconceived notions about what psychic and spiritual look like, and we can be - and I am constantly - also surprised by what is true.

Are you always psychic, or can you turn your psychic abilities on and off?

I am able to turn my abilities on and off so that I can function in life. If I was always open to every vibration I feel I would become exhausted. I'd never be able to go shopping at the grocery store! I know I also need solitude and meditation to recharge my psychic batteries.

What do you do to turn on your abilities?

If I listen closely when someone is speaking to me, I hear their voice as a Universal Consciousness. I hear their voice as the voice of every soul who has ever lived and every soul who ever will live. I also hear their voice as their voice was when it first manifested through them as a child, and as it will manifest moving through them during the entirety of their earthly existence.

How did you start doing psychic readings?

I had moved away from my psychic side and become skeptical about all things spiritual and religious. And then, after a death in the family, I felt a profound emptiness in my life, so I spent an intensive time studying the deeper meanings of the Tarot and archetypes and became open again to the psychic powers I still possessed and I realized I was being called to share what I already knew.

What happens when you're doing a psychic reading?

I ask you to tell me your name and year of birth, and then I listen to any questions you have. Sometimes answers come to me very quickly, and other times I ask you questions. Everything I do is in service to connecting with your energy and your unique spirit.

What tools do you use during your readings?

When I listen to someone's voice, I will immediately begin to form a connection. And to break me from my own preconceived notions and patterns, I may consult my own personally-developed deck of divination cards, calculate your patterns using numerology, or do automatic writing or psychography.

What do you specialize in?

I specialize in unleashing your own psychic energy so that you may see where you are right now. I can also see the energies swirling around you in your past, present and future. I suppose you could say that I'm a psychic who is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and claircognizant, although I don't tend to use any of those labels.

Can you communicate with those who have passed?

I can only communicate with the spirit of someone who has passed if the person asking me questions has stored enough of that person's spirit. Usually, if there has been a close loving relationship, that spirit is willing to communicate, and I can channel a connection with that spirit, although I am not a medium.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Everyone should be aware that we're all able to have visions, and that we're all powerful beings with indescribable powers. I am merely a channel to discover the energies that have become blocked within your life. You are the one who can open your eyes. You are the one who heals.